Product returns Hokikellari
Product returns Hokikellari

Do not hesitate to contact us for product related questions. You have the right to cancel the order for the product you ordered by returning the product within 14 days of receiving the product.

The returned product must be unused, marketable and in its original packaging. If you have any questions, please contact us by You need to pay return costs. If you need to return the product, we will send you a package card attached to the product by e-mail, with which the return is easy. Also, be sure to keep the original package in which your product was shipped. Use it to return the product. If you have lost the return form, you can download one for your use at the bottom of the page. Slide the completed form inside the returned package. Be sure to pack the product well to keep it intact and in good condition until it arrives. Returns are easier when you fill out the return form on our website.


If you want to return the product using the return form, follow the instructions below.

1. Contact the e-mail. We will send you a package card for return. 

2. Fill out the return form Enter your own contact information on the form. You can also tell us the reason for the return or give feedback about the order so that we can improve our product information and service. Also enter your account number in IBAN format on the form so we can credit the price of the products to your bank account. Please use BIC code although. If you paid for the order with an invoice, please mention it when returning. If you return products from several different orders in the same return shipment, a new return form must be completed for each different order number. 

3. Pack the returned products Check that the products are in their original condition and have the Hokikellar and the product's own product labels attached. Carefully pack the products in a shipping bag or package. Please avoid the use of rivets when closing the bag, as they are susceptible to damage to the products Write in the shipping list (A4) that came with the products which products you plan to return and the reason for the return after the product line. Slide the mailing list or tag into the return shipment. 

4. Take the return to the office You can return the shipment via airmail or send by letter. Depending the product you ordered.  

5. Pay more attention In order for us to accept your return, it must be shipped within 14 days of receiving the products you purchased. Please note that you are responsible for receiving your return from us, so please keep the receipt you received carefully. The receipt also shows the package tracking code. We hope you will continue to be our customer!

Thank you! 

Easy product returns Hokikellari
Easy product returns Hokikellari


Please note that even if you return several orders in the same package, we will still ask you to fill in the return form separately for each order (NOTE! However, it is not necessary to fill in the form for each product, only for different orders). This allows return settlements to be targeted correctly. Thank you! 


We will use the information you submit on the form to implement a service related to product return processing and to develop related services. For more information, see the privacy and privacy statement. 

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